Our History

Hello, We are Ergomood. Powered by Zaor Studio Furniture

#1 Why?

  • We created Ergomood as a channel to sell ergonomic furniture with intelligent solutions for today’s technology (screens, keyboards, power cables etc) to improve the quality of the workplace, specifically healthy sitting, alternate sitting and standing, good positioning of screens, pristine lighting, tidy organisation of tools and accessories all within a modern or classic style environment that reflects the user’s personality.
  • Ergomood is a not a brand but a curator for excellent products that it either develops through its production arm ZAOR or buys from selected and trusted brands we choose for their attitude toward the environment, the uncompromising quality of the solutions offered and the impeccable style and design.
  • Ergomood is resolutely European, building on the rich cultural heritage of places we call home such as Italy, Germany, Sweden and more.
  • From this European heritage we distill simplicity, craftsmanship and natural materials.
  • Rather than “everything shops” or “use and throw“ our philosophy is based on “less is more” and “built to last”.
  • Rather than offering “Products for every budget”, we offer solutions for discerning individuals who know the challenges of the modern workplace and cherish the care and adaptive qualities we offer and enjoy the health benefits.
  • #2 Who?

  • An internationalional team of furniture enthusiasts always looking to improve existing solutions, whether our own or other people’s
  • Experienced craftsmen in manufacturing facilities in Romania and Italy with top quality machines driven by renowned designers and technicians
  • A young marketing team aided by a professional communication agency with the task to build a lasting and reliable source for professional work spaces
  • #3 How?

  • An online shop, ergomood.com, that sells a curated selection of great value solutions that combine into beautiful living & working setups for home & office.
  • Incentivisation for returning customers, ambassador programs, word of mouth and information campaigns on social media and Search engines + trad media
  • R&D based on technology developed for the pro audio and TV market used to create innovation and explore new horizons
  • Discovering new talents far and wide and furthering their skills with our dedicated manufacturing resources (in Europe) so if you are a talented designer feel free to join us.
  • Finding excellent new Ergomood Suppliers!
  • #4 What?

  • Ergomood is a home & office oriented marketplace with a great selection of furniture+accessories
  • Ergomood is Europe based manufacturing and sales (webshop) for now
  • Ergomood selects only “designed to last” products made sustainably
  • Ergomood is a platform where you can buy individual or combined set-ups that match perfectly
  • Ergomood is a home & office oriented marketplace with a great selection of furniture+accessories
  • 12+ Years of Experience in Manufacturing Furniture

    50000+ Zaor Furniture Products Sold

    EU Based

    Only Hand-Picked Best Products

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