About us

We are a company from Luxembourg, Europe specialized to select unique and special furnishing products for your office, home, and studio.

We came from different directions and met over a common passion - making ordinary things special both through their looks and through their functions. We all love music and design and each of us has at least a passion. Therefore, ErgoMood was born to select unique functional furniture for artists, gamers, composers or hardworking office people.

From hairstylists to avant-garde restaurants, clothing boutiques to IT companies we want to deliver unique and special furnishings. We explore new paths and we are always looking for a potential entrepreneur with a big vision and nice products to join us in this journey.


Need help choosing or looking for more information?

Our Ergomood Sales Team can help you find the perfect furniture for your home or studio!

We know that making a purchase decision online can be agonizing for many shoppers. For this we have created an authentic and helpful live chat experience integrated on our website. You can ask them any question you like! If you prefer to contact us by FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN or TWITTER feel free and send your questions there. If you prefer email you can fill out the contact form HERE!