Ergomood Life. Work.

Ergomood Life. Work.

Ergomood Life. Work.

We are Ergomood, a team dedicated to making your life better.

We are Ergomood, a team dedicated to make your work better.

Both of these statements are true, we believe that today, life and work can, and in some cases must, co-exist in the same space. The big wave of WFH (work from home) since the beginning of the pandemic has enabled or forced many people to re-imagine the space in their home to accommodate both living and working in a good way.

Our head of marketing started to work from home recently and after a few days spent on a wooden kitchen chair, he noticed that this is not possible without major health problems, so our company put a nice Humanscale task chair at his disposal. He is a lucky guy. Not every employer will supply a desk or chair to their staff when they work from home. It is still considered a privilege rather than a great service to the employer, to be available to work from home.

We believe that a healthy work environment at home can be

a) Affordable

b) Integrate well with different styles of interior decoration.

c) Combine more than one activity (work + gaming or work + graphic design).

d) Better suited to the need of that particular user.

e) Pave a way toward amore sustainable future of work, where the integrated workplace in the home is standard.

f) Is not expensive if you consider that it is offset by a lot less travel to and from the workplace.

We work towards finding ever better solutions to integrate a workspace into your home. A friend, who works for the European Parliament as a translator, recently created a space in her kitchen for work, which we were happy to supply:

A Vela S with integrated LEDs combines with a Freedom Headrest to create a stylish and ergonomic “corner” to work.

This is an example of an integration of work and life or rather life and work (priorities first!) which we strive to provide at good prices.

We ask ourselves: would I put this piece of furniture in my living room or my bedroom and does it provide sufficient space and connectivity to be able to work for a whole day, including video calls, screen work, writing and reading.

Of course an old kitchen table will do the job, if poorly. Even the aforementioned kitchen chair can be used for sitting, but as the WFH situation is taking on a more permanent character, it is worth looking for a suitable work space in your home and equip it accordingly. Of course we also think about co-working spaces, small offices and other non-typical working environments and try to come up with solutions, interesting bundles and fresh ideas. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about the latest ideas and offerings and we welcome your suggestions and ideas.

Read you soon Klaus Gehlhaar, curator Ergomood

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