Scandinavian Rustiq Coffee Table

Material: Ash
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Scandinavian Rustiq Coffee Table

by Rustiq Design

The signature Scandinavian design coffee table could suit any styles of the living room. The classic black matte finish of the metal leg is a beautiful piece that brings a high taste for your decoration. It features 2 extra spaces that are perfect for any daily materials such as books, magazines or a piece of decor.

  • Solid wood top

  • Unique signature

  • 2 x extra space levels

  • Steel Sheet Design

  • Modern Industrial Look





Dual Purpose Home Centerpiece Coffee Table. The warm tone of the wood and the simple modern look gives the table an elegant classical Scandinavian style and creates an attractive look and feel.

  • 90cm x 45cm x 50cm


Timeless Design

Features 2 Extra Spaces For Ideas. The sleek open design complements any stylish home. The 2mm thickness metal frame offers unlimited ideas for storing books, flowers, home accessories, etc...

Customer Reviews

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An excellent table

I was looking for a coffetable which isn't made from cheap materials, doesn't have unnesseccary stuff and has a rustiq to industrial design - that's what I found in this table. I was expecting a high quality table, but what I received was better than my expectations. The coating on the steel is perfect and the steel is so thick, I won't have to worry about denting it at all. I am sure you could park a car on it, and it won't damage the construction (I am not recommending it tho). The wood has a perfect finish too withcout taking away from the natural look and feel of the wood. Overall the table was worth every cent I paid for it. I have no doubt about the quality of the used materials and the build itself and am sure it will last me a long time.
The delivery was fast and the table arrived fully assembled and very well protected by the packaging. All I had to do was getting it out and put it in where I wanted it.

Dear Rene,
Thank you for 5⭐ review! We just updated our website and now our product pages supports picture reviews too. Looking forward ... maybe with a cool picture. All the best, Ergomood Team. Thanks