VelaMas Office Desk

Model: Ash 160
Sale price€1,850.00

  • Solid wood top
  • Unique signature
  • MonoLeg
  • Armrest Edge
  • Hi Quality

Mono Leg VelaMAS Solid Wood Office Desk

The VELAMAS Series is our top of the line desktops with the comfort edge and great wire management, here we chose to use a white mono foot to have it seemingly float in space with its generous offering of 1600 x 800 mm of gorgeous American walnut.

Hi-Quality Finish and Timeless Design

Simply an object of beauty for any office whether creative or analytical. Great for big screens and multiple users. The absence of legs on the side makes the access very smooth and comfortable.

Size and material

160cm x 80cm table top in either:

- American Walnut
- Italian Walnut 
- Ash
- Oak
- Ash (Walnut)
- Ash (Cherry)