Armbed Wrist Support Queensize

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Your compact comfort zone:  The Armbed® will remove the hard edge off your desk and position your forearms and wrists at an ideal angle. Those long Zoom calls or email sessions will be easy on your wrist, forearms and elbows! Attaches with magnets and will change your life and work space.

Armrest reconsidered

Working at a desk all day is challenging, particularly in terms of health. Traditional wrist supports ;do help but they do not soften the hard edges cutting into your forearms when they rest on the desk. The Armbed is designed to address this very issue: it wraps around the edge and protects the arms and wrists from sharp 90-degree angles and helps alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome. It tackles the problem where it is most prominent: at the point where the biggest weight hits the hard edge of most office desks.

Rest assured – your arms are fine

Overall wellbeing is closely linked to productivity and efficiency. Setting up your workplace in a way that allows for good posture and an ergonomically sound workflow will help boost your performance. The Armbed is part of this optimisation, as is a good chair and a sit-stand desk, essential components for healthy working environment. It makes working safer and can help reduce the risk of long-term damage like carpal tunnel syndrome. Its luxurious look and feel also strengthens morale – it is an all-round feel good solution.

Well made from selected materials

The Armbed is handcrafted in the EU, as the finely stitched seams demonstrate. High-quality foam cushions the arms, wrapped in a gorgeous vegan leather substitute. Inspired by the big recording studio mixing desks and their upholstered edges, the Armbed provides a premium level of comfort and quality for pretty much any desk with a straight edge. The wooden structure on the inside holds it in its characteristic shape that makes it so easily latch onto the desk edge. The Queen Size version was specifically designed to cater to those who work on laptops or just prefer a smaller footprint for their armbed – those looking for more cushioned real estate, the King Size variant may be worth a look!

Customer Reviews

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Interesting and cool product!

Excelent Product and solved my wrist problem! Sorry for the mess!

It is a must have armbed

I never thought this product could be so usefull, honestly this is for your own benefit. I don't feel soar after a day at the office typing all day long. Must have product in my opinion.

Julia Kovacs
Much needed product

I don't have much space on my desk, so i got the queen size, but it still made a huge difference. Very comfy for the arms, nice texture to touch and i love the fact that i can easily put it aside for a few minutes when i need some space to draw. I wish i had it ages ago!

Emilia H.
Great quality and design

Cool product. Don't forget to attach the magnetic strap to your desk edge so your armbed doesn't move (found the straps in the box later haha)!!!! Made from high-quality materials. 4 stars from me!