Workplace ergonomics and aesthetics are no luxury, but essential for working productively. Our experts for ergonomics provide high-quality solutions by various brands that set new standards for a healthy workplace while also being stylish and durable


Introducing ArmBed: Your ultimate solution for a comfortable and productive workspace! Transform any space into a ergonomic and productive working environment with our versatile armrest.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to efficiency with ArmBed!

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Ergomood is a curated webshop and outlet for furniture and accessories. Curated means we test, review and choose the best available solutions from third party manufacturers to create a convincing co-existence between personal and professional life - in your home.

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ZAOR LEVA - Stylish Sit-Stand Desk made of Plywood starting from 245€ net (free shipping)


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"I never thought this product could be so usefull, honestly this is for your own benefit. I don't feel soar after a day at the office typing all day long. Must have product in my opinion."

Rest your arms with style!

Humanscale Freedom Chair - 5 Star Review:

After a long time sitting on (more or less) cheap chairs I have decided to buy a really good one. [...] I found out that it's Humanscale and that Ergomood is a trusted dealer for these chairs. I am really happy with the comfort, which really pays out after several hours in the (home) office. It really enhances your creativity by giving you an excellent body support. A clear 5-star recommendation!

Frank M. from Germany


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