Humanscale Liberty Chair - High quality task chair !

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  • Self-Adjusting Recline
  • Pivoting Backrest
  • Form-Sensing Mesh Back
  • Height-adjustable armrests
  • Contoured Seat Cushion
  • Body Fit

The Liberty Chair - designed for sustained use, preserves your back

Liberty features auto-recline, form-sensing mesh, and a soft, yet supportive seat cushion built to last. Sit back, relax your back muscles and feel the ergonomically shaped mesh panel envelop and support you, both in the lumbar area and the upper spine. We have tested these chairs over many years of highly intense use and found they encourage a healthy posture, good circulation and a dynamic position, avoiding the cramped up position of most office chairs that maintain a single posture leading to back pain, sore neck and stiff hips.

Still, We do recommend to change position (using a sit stand desk, or getting up at least once every 45-50 minutes for 5-10 minutes at a time, in order to encourage blood flow, stretch your legs and allow your muscles to return to a more natural state.

Liberty Chair and Enviroment

Humanscale is committed to environmental sustainability and continually strives to design, engineer and manufacture products that— compared to others in the same class—consume less of the Earth’s limited resources. This is accomplished by creating products that:

Weigh less and require less raw material

Ship as efficiently as possible

Have timeless design and durable construction so they
have to be replaced less frequently (The mechanical parts are covered by a 15 year warranty, giving you incredible value for money)

Are engineered to be easily recyclable


Liberty’s intelligent mechanism-free recline uses the laws of physics and the sitter’s weight to automatically provide the perfect amount of support through the full range of recline. Without manual controls to adjust, the user can change postures effortlessly throughout the day.

Liberty’s mesh back is formed by combining three panels of non-stretch mesh material in the same way a tailor combines multiple pieces of fabric to create a shirt. Its contours are made to custom fit and support each individual sitter throughout the day.

Liberty was engineered to automatically adjust to whoever sits in it, including but not limited to the armrests that can adopt different heights, instantly accommodating each user regardless of size and weight.

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