Guarantee and Claims

 1. 2 years of Guarantee!

At Ergomood we know that a good product with a great design results in quality therefore we stand by the products we offer. We promise that the products will at the time of delivery correspond to the description given by the Seller or be fulfilling the same functions or better than at the time of order.  All the products from our marketplace ( meets our quality standards. In that case we won't include it in our catalogue, no matter how cheap it is or how well that manufacturer's other products sell. Our quality control ensures the best possible quality for you and the fastest possible help in cases of failure. 

2. Are there exceptions?

All our products will be delivered with basic care tips. For example, if you order a solid wood table with a basic or well documented cleaning tips (for ex: “don’t use toxic chemical solutions to clean your desk because it can damage the painting”) the guarantee will not be taken into consideration.

Should an upgrade or improvement affect important specific parts of the order such as color, size or weight then the Seller will inform the Buyer in due time before delivering the goods and give the Buyer a choice to withdraw from the sale. This does not apply to custom goods, where an adaptation might be necessary to maintain the functionality required by the Buyer.

3. No extra paper work for missing parts or broken products at delivery?

You don't need any extra papers except your invoice number (your customer number usually suffices, too). Please contact our customer service team in the first instance as they can advise the next best possible step.

4. If product is unavailable you can change broken products to something else.

Because we are living in a super-fast and competitive design world, our partners are upgrading or launch new products in order to satisfy their clients needs much better. If a product that you purchased for example last year that has a valid guarantee cannot be repaired and the product is not available anymore, we can offer you an alternative product in the same price range or will refund the full amount you paid.

5. More questions?

If you have any further questions or need to take advantage of our product guarantee, you can contact Customer Service

P.S If an accident or error has occurred and you would like to make a product claim, we're here to help. You can download our online claim form and add some description or a couple of pictures, or simply just call our Customer Services or start a chat with us!. We will do our very best to find a quick and fair solution.