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Humanscale Freedom Headrest Office Chair
Humanscale Freedom Headrest Office Chair
Humanscale Freedom Headrest Office Chair
Humanscale Freedom Headrest Office Chair
Humanscale Freedom Headrest Office Chair
Humanscale Freedom Headrest Office Chair
Humanscale Freedom Headrest Office Chair
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Humanscale Freedom Headrest Office Chair

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Freedom Headrest Office Chair

designed by Niels Diffrient

This visionary concept of legendary American designer Niels Diffrient and Humanscale founder Robert King is a symphony of high-quality materials, well-thought-out functionality, and unparalleled ergonomics. Instead of overburdening the user with adjustable levers and knobs, it offers freedom of movement - thus the name. No matter if you sit upright or lean back and relax - the Humanscale Freedom follows the natural shape of the spine in every position and supports the head and neck at the same time. The armrests are optimally matched to the sitting position and can be adjusted in height effortlessly with a slight tilt. A wide range of colors and surface materials guarantees that the Humanscale Freedom Headrest adapts to both the working environment and its owner.

  • Unique Design
  • Unparalleled Comfort
  • High quality and durability (buy once and sit ever after...)
  • Self-adjusting and ergonomic
  • Top service and support with full manufacturer's warranty (min 10 years)
  • Wide range of material and color choices

Freedom Headrest Chair Humanscale-Ergomood


  • Innovative weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism cleverly uses each sitter’s body weight to perfectly adjust the tension and recline position of the chair for full support throughout the movement
  • Pivoting backrest automatically moves with the user throughout the day and offers perfect lumbar comfort in all positions. Synchronous armrests allow effortless adjustment with one hand and our unique arm design attaches to the backrest to move with the user
  • Contoured cushions are sculpted to closely follow the body’s shape and offer long-term comfort, reduce pressure points and provide exceptional weight distribution
  • Modular design allows the user to update the aesthetic of the chair and offers easy maintenance
  • A wide range of specifically created, high-performance textiles complement the chair’s unique cushion contours to maximize their comfort, performance, and ergonomic function
  • The Freedom Headrest features dynamic support that cradles the head and neck during recline but remains neutral when in upright positions

Hi-Quality Materials

A symphony of high-quality materials, well-thought-out functionality, and unparalleled ergonomics. Learn more about the visionary design of Niels Diffrient that makes this office chair so unique

Download Freedom Headrest Chair Brochure & Manual
Download Fit Instructions
Freedom Headrest Chair Humanscale-Ergomood


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marcel B
This chair was designed 20 years ago!!!!

I did my research & found out that this chair was designed 20 years ago. The materials (the backbone steel is super strong). The chair deserves a 5-star and the price is 4!

Gives you Freedom!

I don't care about the mechanical noise when leaning back on this chair - it's normal! The design is 10*, adjustability of the headrest, back, and seat is PRO. The leather version is more expensive but the difference is shocking! If you make more than 2k€+ / month working in IT, Marketing, or Sales working 8+ hours/day sitting... you really need a good chair. I prefer the soft casters!

Matthaios Mantzios
Best chair and best customer care

I ordered the Humanscale freedom chair after reading and watching some reviews online. I was absolutely sure that the chair would be a perfect fit for long office hours and when I first sat on it, it was mind-blowing. The seat comfort and the back and neck support are out of this world. A highly recommended chair.
Additionally, I would like to thank the customer support team for their help and quick replies to all of my inquiries.
Way to go Ergomood. Keep up the good work.

Frank M.
The Office Chair I have waited for

After a long time sitting on (more or less) cheap chairs I have decided to buy a really good one. In terms of ergonomics and design. I have seen the Humanscale Freedom in several US TV shows (and in a photo of Al Gore’s messy office) and so I did some research about the manufacturer. I found out that it's Humanscale and that Ergomood is a trusted dealer for these chairs. I am really happy with the comfort, which really pays out after several hours in the (home) office. It really enhances your creativity by giving you an excellent body support. A clear 5-star recommendation!

Frank M. from Germany

Thomas G.
A perfect and well thought out office chair

First of all, I would like to praise the shipping department. Sufficiently well packaged. Extremely fast shipping to Germany without any extra costs..
The assembly was done very quickly because it consists of only 2 parts.
When I took a seat for the first time, I immediately noticed that this product was absolutely well thought out in its structure and function.
After adjusting for my personally best felt position, I didn't want to get up anymore ;-)
This office chair is just perfect. Before you save your money in the wrong place,
it is better to take a little more money in your hand (€799,00). It's worth every Cent.
There is only one small drawback: In my opinion, it is only recommended for people up to a height of 1.85 m (6,1 feet). This can be seen in the fact that my shoulders touch the headrest, and I am 1.85 m (6,1 feet). But it's okay.
I am happy with this chair, and I am always happy to take a seat in it again.

Customer Reviews

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