Humanscale Horizon 2.0 Lamp

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    “Our goal in designing Horizon was to achieve an ultra-thin, luminous plane of light—made possible through years of research— and celebrate it by floating it above the desktop in a package of material and aesthetic efficiency"

    Humanscale The Horizon Lamp 2.0 - Peter Stathis, Co-Designer

    Horizon 2.0 offers light that is brighter and more true-to-life than its predecessor. Ultra- wide and glare-free, this beam casts a single shadow on a work surface and negates the need for additional task lighting.
    A streamlined power source and integrated user interface keep Horizon 2.0's award-winning form center stage; both also boost the fixture's performance, durability and ease of operation.
    The new, improved Horizon is PVC-free and Energy Star 2.0-certified. Delivering 52 lumens/watt, it is extremely energy efficient and contributes to LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge certifications.
    The first table light to use Thin Film LED Technology, Horizon is a Red Dot Award winner that is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
    An internal counterbalance and adjustable steel ball joints allow Horizon's single arm to be moved effortless. The fixture has an impressive 15" reach, allowing the light to be directed exactly where needed.
    With its striking minimal design, Horizon 2.0 is at home in residential, contract, and hospitality environments. It's also available in six vibrant colors.


    Humanscale teamed with designers Peter Stathis and Michael McCoy to create the Horizon table light, winner of 17 design awards from around the world. Horizon combines minimal modernism and organic forms. In Horizon 2.0, we enhanced the user interface, eliminated PVC and achieved Energy Star 2.0 Certification — taking this iconic design to a new level.

    Made without Red List chemicals.
    Energy Star 2.0-certified
    Can contribute to LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge certifications
    Easily provides the recommended illuminance of 350-500 lux on a work surface, eliminating the need for additional and less-efficient ambient lighting
    Humanscale’s Horizon 2.0, Infinity and Nova are the only task lights in the industry made without Red List chemicals.

    Our lighting products are made of non-porous materials which are stain-resistant. To clean surfaces simply dust with a soft cloth.

    Horizon 2.0 Lamp and the Environment